Talent Strategy

Tellhow, adhere people-oriented!   

In Tellhow, human capital is regarded as an important resource tied with money capital and it is the decisive factor for the development of enterprises. We adhere to the motto of Tsinghua University "Self-Discipline and Social Commitment". The core value concept of the company is "Responsibility realization."

Tellhow pay great attention to the talent role in the company development. In order to have a continued, rapid and healthy development, we established a complete set of "selection, training, using, retention" mechanism. We always insist the combination internal talent training with the external introduction staff recruitment, training, performance appraisal or the construction of enterprise culture. We improve the talent incentive and restraint mechanism constantly. We train our own talent from three areas actively, i.e. retention staff by career development, feeling and remuneration.

●Management talents: Grow from the grassroots to the senior management personnel;
●Professional talents: Grow from the grassroots to the professional leader;
●Marketing talents: Grow from the grassroots to the marketing elite.

We know: "In order to be the talent, a right person must be in a right position ". Through the job rotation and internal selection policy, Tellhow builds a reasonable employee growth channel for the staff to look for a suitable position based on their abilities. The most proud of Tellhow people are the enterprise annual spend millions of money on the employees training. Not only the MBA senior training at Qinghua and Fudan University, but also a lot of learning opportunities for other employees. The training system covers every corners of Tellhow. The participate rate of Tellhow employees training is 100%. In order to fully arouse and enlarge the work enthusiasm of the staff, enhance their responsibility sense and enterprising, the company implemented varies incentive measures: such as grassroots cadre talent allowances, option salary, option shares allocation, overseas travel for top ten employees and domestic travel for advanced employees. We aim to further stimulate the internal vitality of the talent team by making the renumeration incline to talent to retain and attract talents.   

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