Power Station Project

Feed pump motor application in the thermal power unit is the key equipment of the thermal power plants. It needs the large capacity and long run-time characteristics, so the motor should be stable operation and long service life. To realize the feed pump features and the high speed characters of the motor, we designed the motor based on the load requirements and try to reduce the electromagnetic load of motor windings, which ensure that the temperature rise, vibration and noise level of the motor satisfy the national and industry standards. We have supplied hundreds of 3000kW-14000kW feed pump motors for dozens of key national electric thermal power project. The motor with high efficiency, low starting current, large moment of inertia, low noise, low vibration, high reliability, easy installation and maintenance and other significant advantages, meet the requirements of 300MW-1000MW thermal power units perfectly.

We developed YL, YLST, YLKS series motors for circulating pumps, condensate pumps in the thermal power industry based on the characteristics such as vertical installation and withstand axial force, etc. One kind motor would not withstand axial load except rotor itself, and the other kind motor could withstand the axial load applied from the pump. According to the value of the load, upper bearings are selected thrust spherical bearings or thrust pad bearings. The power of the motor is from 450kW to 6000kW. It has high efficiency, low starting current, low noise, low vibration, high reliability, easy installation and maintenance and other significant advantages. The motor could withstand large thrust perfectly.




China Datang Corporation Ltd. China Huaneng Group Co., Ltd.
China Huadian Corporation LTD. Guohua Group
China Energy Engineering Corporation Limited Jinneng Group Co.,Ltd.
CECT is Invested in Henan Jiaozuo power plant 2X1000MW units Datang Leizhou Power Plant 2X1000MW units
India APL5X650MW units Shanxi Wuxiang Power Plant 2X600MW units
Datang Shanxi Yangchang Power Plant 2X600MW units Guizhou Diandong Power Plant 4X300MW units
China Power investment Corporation Pingdingshan Power Plant 2X1000MW units Shanxi Wuxiang Power Plant 2X600MW units
Guangxi Qinzhou Power Plant 2X600MW units Shanxi Zhangze Power Plant 4X210MW units
Guizhou Yaxi Power Plant 4X300MW units Guizhou Qianbei Power Plant 2X300MW units
Guizhou Pannan Power Plant 4X600MW units Jilin JiutaiPower Plant 2X600MW units
Gansu JISCO Hongsheng Power Plant Gansu Jiuquan Coking Plant CDQ Project
Chengde Xinxin Vanadium & Titanium Co., Ltd.
2500m3 Blast furnace TRT device
Guangdong Shunde Power Plant
Zhaoqing Power Plant  


Application range

Driven machine Motor type Power range(KW)
ID fan YKK、YXKK 1000-8000
Forced draft fan YKK、YXKK 280-4000
Primary air fan YKK、YXKK 315-3000
Desulfurization fan YKK、YXKK 1000-5000
Coal mill YTM、YMPS 200-2500
Feed water pump YKS 1000-15000
Pre-pump YKK、YXKK 200-500
Circulation pump YL、YLKS 1000-6000
Condensate pump YLKS 315-3150
Coal-fired power generation QF、QFW 3000-60000
Waste incineration, biomass power generation QF、QFW 3000-60000
Gas power generation QFRW 3000-60000
Fuel power generation TF 3000-10000
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